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Where are our sites?

The maps above and below show all of the sites we are working on during this project. You can use the Google Map above to zoom in and look around - turn on the satellite images to see what the area looks like!  If you zoom in on Green Island, all you'll see is a small lump of ice and snow - these pictures must have been taken out of the summer months, but trust us, there is moss under there somewhere!  All the sites are situated on islands to the west of the Antarctic Peninsula and in the belt of sub-Antarctic Islands stretching away in an arc from the peninsula’s tip. 

The four sites marked in green on the map below were visited during the 2012 field season. We are using core material and data from Signy Island and Lazarev Bay in collaboration with other projects and previous field campaigns. Green Island was visited during the 2013 field campaign and you can read about that on our blog, here

Elephant Island is where the deepest moss banks are to be found, almost three metres in depth and over 5000 years old. The island is perhaps most well known for its part in Shackleton’s Endurance expedition in 1916 – after losing HMS Endurance in pack ice in the Weddell Sea, Shackleton and his 27 men drifted on pack ice floes, eventually reaching Elephant Island. It was here they rebuilt their strength, establishing a base at Point Wild, before their extraordinary journey across the Southern Ocean to South Georgia.

Map of Antarctica

Map of Antarctica.

Map of moss bank sites

Map of the moss bank sites.