Core hours FAQ

What are Geography's core hours on the Streatham campus?

9.30am-3.00pm, Monday to Friday. These are based on 'school run' hours, assuming colleagues drop their children off at school at 9 and pick them up at 3.30.

Why has the issue of core hours come up?

Our Athena SWAN silver application form requires us to talk about:
'Timing of departmental meetings and social gatherings – provide evidence of consideration for those with family responsibilities, for example what the department considers to be core hours and whether there is a more flexible system in place.'

Where can I find out more about Athena SWAN at Exeter?

The University's commitment to Athena SWAN is outlined on the central website. You can also follow developments on twitter via @UoEAthenaSWAN. Our Departmental Athena SWAN pages for Streatham Campus and Penryn Campus.

Why do we need core hours?

This is all about maximising the opportunities for all of our staff and postgrads to keep 'in the loop' of our discipline's research and governance cultures. Many colleagues, for life-work balance reasons (in particular to do with caring responsibilities, but also for other reasons), are unable to attend 'bread and butter' meetings because they take place too early or too late in the day.

Do core hours include teaching?

No. There is a longstanding and separate policy through which colleagues can request a change to their working patterns. Details of this and other available support for parents and carers are outlined on the parent webpages.

What should take place during core hours?

The most basic, regular get-togethers that colleagues need to attend to be 'in the loop' as far as Geography's research and governance is concerned. This includes, for example, all regular committee meetings, staff meetings, departmental seminars and research group meetings.

Who are these core hours for?

Academic staff, postdocs, and postgraduate students. Undergraduate students and Professional Services staff are not part of this core hour policy, at this stage.

Is it OK to organise meetings and events outside core-hours?

Yes, for one-off or maybe termly events during the academic year, but only if these are announced with plenty of notice (at least 6 weeks, perhaps) so that colleagues can arrange replacement care, etc. This includes, for example, research group residentials.
The established practice about arranging times to meet colleagues and/or students within and beyond core hours etc. are fine, if the people involved are happy with this.

What if I have any questions?

Please contact Ian Cook, Geography's Athena SWAN chair on or in person in Amory 409.