Research in the Centre

The Centre for Geography, Environment and Society, based at the University of Exeter’s state-of-the-art Penryn Campus in Cornwall, offers a unique environment and culture of research excellence. Like all Geography staff at the University of Exeter, staff in the Centre are involved in specialist research groups, are committed to pursuing world-class research that impacts positively on the world, and aim to deliver outstanding research-inspired teaching. In the latest Research Excellence Framework (2014), the UK government’s main measure of quality of universities’ research, Geography at the University of Exeter ranked 7th in the UK for research^ and 3rd for research power† in Geography and Environmental Studies.

Drawing on this world leading trajectory, the Centre for Geography, Environment and Society is an exciting and innovative specialist community of academics working together across physical and human geography. The Centre has a firm commitment to interdisciplinary thinking in both teaching and research. Indeed, we believe that to understand and explain the complexities of global environmental change requires researchers who can accommodate approaches from the sciences, social sciences and humanities.

Our expertise

Research expertise of Centre staff spans a range of topics, including past and present global environmental change; biological and physical oceanography; satellite Earth observation and remote sensing; social transformation; community resilience; cultural landscape and heritage policy; conservation policy; sustainable development; energy policy; climate justice; and ecosystem services. The Centre works closely in its research with a range of organisations and stakeholders, from Natural England to the National Trust.

Our impact

Interdisciplinary research

The Centre has a unique and close working relationship, in both research and teaching, with the Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI) on the Penryn Campus – a £30 million, cutting-edge centre that undertakes interdisciplinary research into finding solutions to problems of environmental change and enhancing people’s lives by improving their relationship with the environment. Staff in the Centre are also closely involved in other multi-disciplinary initiatives and centres, including the Penryn Campus based Centre for Environmental Arts and Humanities and the European Centre for Environment and Human Health, based at the nearby University of Exeter Truro Campus, Cornwall. The Centre for Geography, Environment and Society runs its own seminar programme with invited speakers throughout the year, open to students as well as staff.

^Research Excellence Framework 2014 based on intensity-adjusted Grade Point Average and Times Higher Education research power ranking