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Exeter scientist Dr Richard Brazier delivers knowledge transfer via Defra sponsored science event for the England Catchment Sensitive Farming Initiative (ECSFI)

Dr Richard Brazier of the School of Geography was recently invited by the South West regional ECSFI coordinator (James Grischeff) to take part in a day long workshop that involved transferring the findings of his research into the soil and water quality of intensively managed grassland systems to a wide range of stakeholders.

The purpose of the event was to transfer the latest scientific understanding concerning diffuse pollution of waterways and its mitigation. Under the ECSFI, catchment officers are employed to disseminate advice to farmers as to how they may manage the landscape for environmental benefit. The 11th March 2010 workshop was one of a series of events funded by Defra under the remit of the ‘Integrating Water and Agricultural Management – IWAM’ program, to ensure that recent research into soil and water quality and the effects of land use on surface waters is effectively communicated to farmers, land managers and policymakers alike. Dr Brazier, whose research has previously been funded by Defra, delivered an hour long seminar and took part in various field visits to illustrate the implications of his findings and to talk about how land can be better managed to reduce diffuse pollution of surface waters.

Detail of the day, including a blog for comments can be found here: .

Date: 4 March 2010

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