Editors top choice

A paper lead authored by Professor Bruce Webb has been selected recently as the Editor’s top choice of articles for the international journal Hydrological Processes .

This publication has 26 issues per year and covers the physical, biogeochemical, mathematical and methodological aspects of hydrology, as well as research on instrumentation and techniques.  The Editor’s choice was based on the number of full pdf downloads of papers published in the Journal.

The paper, published in 2008, is a review of advances in the understanding of stream and river temperatures gained since 1990, and covers the areas of fundamental controls on thermal behaviour, thermal heterogeneity at different spatial scales, the influence of human impacts and the nature of past and future trends.  In writing this review, Professor Webb drew on his extensive knowledge of the international literature on water temperature, and on the research conducted by himself and others in Geography at Exeter over the past three decades into many different aspects of this field.

Date: 17 January 2010

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