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Geography grant success

The end of the academic year has brought some excellent news with Geography academics winning a variety of research funding.

Congratulations to Dr Richard Brazier and Dr Karen Anderson who have been successful in a bid for a knowledge transfer partnership, co-funded by NERC and SWW. The research seeks to quantify the impact of a range of mire restoration techniques, including grip and ditch blocking, on the loss of water and carbon from sites on Exmoor and Dartmoor. Dr Brazier and Dr Anderson will work with colleagues from SWW, the EA, NE and Exmoor and Dartmoor National Parks. The project will receive £200k in funds and will be important in delivering much needed scientific understanding of these processes and ensuring that our research has societal benefit.

Dr Caitlin DeSilvey and Dr James Ryan have been successful with an AHRC application. The research project aims to create a record of the material culture of workplaces that are particularly vulnerable to economic insolvency, places where the making or mending of material objects forms the core activity (such as shoe, clock and electrical appliance repair workshops, tailors and seamstresses, analogue photography studios and locksmiths). More information on their application can be found on the AHRC website.

Dr Tim Barrows has won a Marie Curie fellowship to employ recent and historical change in glacier extent on the Iberian Peninsula as a proxy for long term climate change. He and his collaborators are particularly interested in assessing how abrupt climate change in the North Atlantic Ocean is recorded on land through the expansion and contraction of glaciers.

And finally NERC have published details by department of the projects they have funded in the 2009/10 financial year. Geography at Exeter ranks number 2 out of 30 departments who applied for funding, having been awarded just over £1.1 million. The full list of NERC funding by department can be fond on the NERC website. Congratulations to everyone who has made a successful application.

Date: 6 August 2010

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