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Exeter contributes to the Association of American Geographers annual meeting

Academic staff, postdoctoral researchers and postgraduate students from Exeter contributed to sessions on climate change, creative industries, sensational marxisms, creative writing, geography-art practice, resource geographies and governance at this year’s AAG meeting in Seattle from  12 – 16 April.

Stewart Barr and Jan Prillwitz (Utrecht) presented 'Holidays are Holidays': tourism, mobility and sustainability in an age of climate change ‘in a session on ‘The climate change challenge and geographies of transport and mobilities’ (abstract).

Jules Channer presented ‘In search of solid ground: state intermediaries and the creative industries’ in a session entitled Taking matters into third hands: intermediaries and the organization of the creative economy’ (abstract).

Ian Cook and Tara Woodyer presented ‘Commodity Fetishism, Relational Aesthetics and Affirmative Critique’ in the ‘Sensational Marxisms: Towards a Communism of the Senses’ session (abstract).

Ian also contributed to a ‘Writing creatively: process, practice, and product’ panel.

Matthew Cotton presented ‘Deliberative community engagement with electricity network planning in a session on ‘Electricity and Mining’ (abstract).

Phil Johnstone presented ‘Governing 'the renaissance': unravelling the spatial and democratic contradictions of 'sustainable' nuclear power policy in the UK’, in a session on ‘Spatialities and Practices of Governance’ (abstract).

Phil also co-organised a session on ‘Nuclear Spaces’.

Finally, in a session called on ‘Geographer- artists: creative practice as research tool?’, Steph Merchant presented a paper called  ‘Visual Methods and the Submarine Sensorium: exploring the potential for videography and audiencing in research on the body and the senses’ (abstract) and James Riding presented a paper/poetry reading called ‘Literary Hitchhiking’ (abstract).

Date: 5 May 2011

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