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Networks of Asylum Support in the UK and USA

Geography academic Dr Nick Gill and his project team have today released a report entitled  ‘Networks of Asylum Support in the UK and USA: A Handbook of Ideas, Strategies and Best Practice for Asylum Support Groups in a Challenging Social and Economic Climate’.

The report represents the findings of an eighteen month research project that examines the challenges faced by asylum support groups in the United States and the United Kingdom, and different ways of responding to those challenges. The research has been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council of the UK.

Dr Gill said “The purpose of this report is to provide information to the asylum support sector by disseminating our findings about the common challenges faced by those working with this vulnerable population in two different national settings, and the strategies being engaged by asylum support organisations to confront these common challenges. In carrying out this work the research team has been inspired and humbled by the dedication, positive outlook and imaginative determination of the people who work in this sector.

We would like to express our thanks to everyone who has participated in the project. Your generosity at a time of acute instability and financial strain is very much appreciated. It is our hope that each asylum support organisation that comes into contact with this report will come away with at least one good idea. If this happens then we have achieved our primary objective.”

The research has been carried out by Dr Nick Gill, University of Exeter, Dr Deirdre Conlon, Emerson College, Boston, USA, Dr Ceri Oeppen, University of Exeter and Dr Imogen Tyler, University of Lancaster.

The report can be found here:

The project team would welcome feedback about the report, and ask that you complete a short four-question survey or email with comments.

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Date: 9 March 2012

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