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Professor Tim Lenton

Exeter 13th on global list of climate experts

The University of Exeter is ranked 13th on a global list of experts in "climatic processes".

The ranking comes from Expertscape, which uses data on published research to rank individuals and institutions in various scientific fields.

The top-ranked Exeter researcher in climatic processes is Professor Tim Lenton, who is 29th on the list.

Professor Lenton, Director of the Global Systems Institute, said: "I am humbled to be recognised as a world expert in climatic processes.

"Having spent decades trying to understand the climate as a complex system, and its tipping points, I know there is still so much we need to understand."

Professor Lenton has helped to identify the threat of tipping points in climate systems, and he is also working on positive tipping points in human societies that could help us tackle the climate crisis.

The University of Exeter has launched a ‘Green Futures’ campaign and website to drive action on the environment and climate emergency. To find out more please visit

Date: 28 September 2021

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