HEA workshop on internationalisation

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Exeter leads HEA workshop on internationalisation

This workshop, sponsored by the Higher Education Academy, brought together staff and postgraduates from the University of Exeter and other institutions to explore the key challenges and opportunities surrounding internationalisation in Higher Education.

A series of short presentations provided an excellent opportunity for participants to share their knowledge and experience of internationalisation and provided a valuable synthesis of the latest ideas in education strategy at both the national and institutional level. Dr Ewan Woodley, Dr Stewart Barr and Prof. Clive Sabel (Exeter Geography) shared their experiences of programme design and coordination at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, while Dr Shaun Curtis discussed the achievements and vision of International Exeter. Dr Joan Mahony, representative from the Higher Education Academy, provided an insightful examination of internationalisation activities across the UK and the growing importance of this element of the education market.

Dr Ewan Woodley, who led the event, commented 'it was fantastic to bring together representatives, not only from other institutions, but also from the different elements of the University. Fruitful discussion between staff at discipline, college and university level created a vibrant and productive atmosphere for the exploration of marketing and discipline appeal to the international market, as well as the growing need to accommodate for the expectations and requirements of UK students who choose to study/work abroad'.

Date: 21 May 2013

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