REEForm is a Working Group of the International Association of Geomorphologists. Established in 2009 the group undertakes research on the geomorphic responses of coral reefs and reef islands to past, present and future environmental and climatic change. A major focus is on undertaking science directed at informing coastal management and adaptation strategies.

REEForm: Reef and reef landform responses to environmental and climatic change

REEForms activities are focused around four Thematic Programmes:

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Forthcoming REEForm activities:

  • REEForm Expedition to The Maldives, April 2013
  • Thematic session at the 8th IAG Meeting in Paris (August 2013) on ‘Reef and reef island geomorphology: responses to environmental change’  – see conference website for details
  • Special Issue of Geomorphology on 'Reef and reef island geomorphology' - anticipated publication date mid-2013