About REEForm

REEForm is a Working Group of the International Association of Geomorphologists. The group undertakes research on the geomorphic responses of coral reefs and reef islands to past, present and future environmental and climatic change. A commitment exists within the group to undertake science directed at informing coastal management and adaptation strategies. This commitment is based on the recognition that our ability to meaningfully address issues of reef ecological change, island erosion and poverty alleviation requires significant advances in understanding both past reef and reef island histories, and contemporary ecological-geomorphological limkages that control present reef and reef island states.

Core members:

Professor Chris Perry (Chair)
University of Exeter, UK.
Email: c.perry@exeter.ac.uk

Assoc. Professor Paul Kench (Vice-chair)
University of Auckland, New Zealand.
Email: p.kench@auckland.ac.nz

Assoc. Professor Scott Smithers (Vice-chair)
James Cook University, Australia.
Email: scott.smithers@jcu.edu.au

Dr Hiroya Yamano
National Institute for Enivronmental Studies, Japn
Email: hyamani@nies.go.jp

Professor Bernhard Riegl
National Coral Reef Institute, Nova University, USA
Email: rieglb@nova.edu

Dr Michael O'Leary
Curtin University, Australia