REEForm: Past activities

July 2012 - International Coral Reef Symposium, Cairns, Australia

Members of REEForm coordinated and contributed to a thematic session at the ICRS meeting in July 2012. A wide range of papers were presented dealing with reef island evolution, reef growth histories, reef carbonate budgets and with the impacts of high magnitude physical disturbance events on reefs and reef islands.

June/July 2012: REEForm Expedition. Low wooded islands of the northern Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The second REEForm research expedition took place between 26th June to 8th July 2012 and visited the northern Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The trip used the James Cook University vessel the RV James Kirby as a platform for this trip. The primary aim of the trip was to revisit some of the low wooded islands examined during the 1973 Royal Society Great Barrier Reef Expedition and, specifically,  to develop an improved understanding of the chronologies of reef island and reef platform evolution in the area, and the relationships between both these and sea-level. Specific objectives of the trip were as follows: 1. To determine the timing and rates of reef platform development on which the low wooded islands of the northern GBR have developed; and 2. To establish the chronologies of island accumulation in relation to the timing of platform infilling and development.

November 2011: Reef carbonate budget studies, Belize.

Several member of the REEForm WG were involved in a UK Leverhulme Trust funded project which is developing field census-based methodologies to assess rates of reef framework production at a range of Caribbean reef sites. This latest phase of field data collection was conducted along a section of the central part of the Meso-American barrier reef in Belize, with data collected by the team from several sites in shallow 5m and 10m water depths along the reef front.

August 2011: Cyclone impact study, Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

Several member of the REEForm WG were involved in a UK NERC funded project to assess the geomorphic  impacts of Cyclone Yasi (Feb 2011) on the turbid-zone, inner-shelf reefs of the GBR, and to determine whether sediment records of the event were preserved within these shallow near-shore environments.

June/July 2011: REEForm Expedition. Reef island geomorphology in the Maldives

Building upon the science priority areas identified at the REEForm Working Group meeting in 2010, the first REEForm research expedition took place between 29th June to 13th July 2011 in The Maldives. The focus of the trip was to test previously published ideas regarding the nature and timing of reef island development in the Maldives, to undertake an assessment of the links between platform lagoon/faro infilling and island development, and to develop some of the first data on rates and styles of faro and lagoon infilling in the region.

June 2010: First Scientific Meeting, Maldives.

The First Scientific Meeting of REEForm took place between 21st – 26th June 2010 on the island of Lankanfinolhu (Paradise Island), Maldives. The meeting was generously supported by the Ministry of Housing, Transport and Environment (Government of Maldives) and by Paradise Resort, Malé Atoll, Maldives, and we extend our sincere thanks for their support and assistance during the meeting. The primary aims of this first meeting of the REEForm Working Group were: 1) to define the priority research areas for REEForm over the next 4 + years;  2) to develop plans for a series of synthesis papers relating to key research themes and that will underpin future work in these research areas; 3) to establish a research programme and to agree on the operational activities of REEForm; and 4) at this meeting, to examine the high profile issues facing reef islands in the Maldives.