REEForm: Published outputs and activities

Contribution series:

RF-011 Perry C.T., Smithers S.G., Gulliver P. and Browne N. (in press) Evidence of very rapid reef accretion and reef growth under high turbidity and terrigenous sedimentation. Geology

RF-010 Yamano H., Sugihara K., Watanabe T., Shimamura M, and Hyeong K. (in press) Coral reefs at 34°N, Japan: Exploring the end of environmental gradients. Geology

RF-009 –Purkis S.J., Rowlands G.P., Riegl B.M. and Renaud P.G. (2010) The paradox of tropical karst morphology in the coral reefs of the arid Middle East. Geology 38, 227-230

RF-008 – Kayanne, H., Ysukochi, T., Yamano, H. And Yoneda, M. (2011) Rapid settlement of Majuro Atoll, central Pacific, following its emergence at 2000 years CalBP. Geophysical Research Letters 38, L20405

RF-007 – Perry, C.T., Smithers, S.G., Roche, R. and Wassenburg, J. (2011) Recurrent patterns of coral community and sediment facies development through successive phases of Holocene reef growth and decline. Marine Geology 289: 60-71.

RF-006 Kench, P.S., Smithers, S.G. and McLean, R.F. (2012) Rapid reef island formation and stability over an emerging reef flat: Bewick Cay, northern Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Geology. 40: 347-350.

RF-005 Perry C.T., Kench P.S., Smithers S.G., Riegl B., Yamano H. and O’Leary M.J. (2011) Implications of reef ecosystem change for the stability and maintenance of coral reef islands. Global Change Biology. 17: 3679-3696.

RF-004 Webb A.P. and Kench, P.S. (2010) The dynamic response of reef islands to sea level rise: evidence from multi-decadal analysis of island change in the central Pacific. Global and Planetary Change. 72: 234-246

RF-003 O’Leary M.J. and Perry C.T. (2010) Holocene reef accretion on the Rodrigues carbonate platform: an alternative to the classic ‘bucket-fill’ model. Geology, 38: 855-858.

RF-002 Perry, C.T. and Smithers, S.G (2011) Cycles of coral reef ‘turn-on’, rapid growth and ‘turn-off’ over the past 8,500 years: a context for understanding modern ecological states and trajectories. Global Change Biology doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2486.2010.02181.x. 17: 76-86.

RF-001 Perry, C.T. and Smithers, S.G (2010) Evidence for the episodic 'turn-on' and ‘turn-off' of turbid-zone, inner-shelf coral reefs during the late Holocene sea-level highstand. Geology 38: 119-122.

Thematic conference sessions:

Reef and reef island geomorphology:  12th International Coral Reef Symposium, Cairns July 2012