Cultural and Historical Geographies

Recent news

In May 2016 Paula Crutchlow and Ian Cook opened the Museum of Contemporary Commodities (MoCC) as both an online collection and a physically located shop-gallery space in central Exeter. For three weeks visitors were invited to upload their commodities to the museum, ask questions of our online commodity consultants, and chat with the museum invigilators and MoCC Guide Mikayla, an internet connected doll about their views on the role of data in production and consumption processes. Watch the film and find out more.

After the publication of David Harvey and Jim Perry’s (eds. 2015) book The future of heritage as climates change’, David was invited to give a UNESCO presentation at the IPCC in COP21 in Paris in December 2015.

David Paton has been working on an AHRC-funded project on Creative interpretation of granite building conservation and restoration at Godolphin House, Cornwall. The aim of the project was to investigate the potential for developing creative interpretation methods for conservation work on the granite buildings. David made and presented a series of films, photographic pieces, drawing installations across the estate and also carried out a masonry project where he made a lintel on site, and the public could engage with the process and tooling. Watch David at work below and read more about the project here.

Kate Leyson and Mike Leyshon continue their work on Volunteers in Communities an action research project seeking to enable innovation in Cornwall’s voluntary sector. In June 2016 they were supported by the University of Exeter to investiga the potential for developing software solutions and smartphone applications to improve the recruitment, deployment and management of volunteer drivers in community transport services. For more information, watch this video;

Nicola Thomas is currently developing her research into craft geographies through the Two Make touring exhibition of 20 practitioners who have made new work in response to her research, the mobile web app Craft Shelf developed with the Devon Guild of Craftsmen to connect the buyers and makers of craft objects, and  a Crafts Council residency which c will enable the findings of her research to inform the organisation’s future planning.