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The Energy Policy Group at the University of Exeter provides an academic hub for the interdisciplinary study of energy policy. We place sustainability and change at the heart of debates about energy policy and governance. We work collaboratively with stakeholders and researchers on the economics and politics of energy to find new and innovative approaches for enabling the transition to a low carbon, sustainable and affordable energy system. Find out more about our team, vision and work here. We are part of ExeterEnergy.

Our new thinking...

Emily Judson, Oscar Fitch-Roy, Thomas Pownall, Rachel Bray, Helen Poulter, Iain Soutar, Richard Lowes, Peter Connor, Jessica Britton, Bridget Woodman and Catherine Mitchell
The centre cannot (always) hold: Examining pathways towards energy system de-centralisation 
November 2019 | Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews | Link 

Thomas Pownall
Electricity market redesign: a typology of interventions 
October 2019 | Presentation at the I-REMB Conference, Copenhagen | ‌Slides

Richard Lowes 
Great Britain's vision for decarbonised heat and the lack of progress 
October 2019 | Presentation at Heat Decarbonised Pathways in Northern Ireland, Belfast | Slides

Thomas Pownall 
An electricity market design for a renewable, storage and energy efficient electricity system 
October 2019 | Presentation to the Department of Planning, Copenhagen | Slides

Catherine Mitchell, Rebecca Willis, Richard Hoggett, Iain Soutar, Helen Poulter, Bridget Woodman and Jess Britton 
National Infrastructure Commission: 'The Future of Regulation Study' Call for Evidence 
October 2019 | Submission to NIC | Link 

Catherine Mitchell
Looking at the NIC Regulatory Review 
October 2019 | IGov New Thinking | Link 

Catherine Mitchell 
Concluding the 40-year utilities experiment: death spirals or rebirth 
October 2019 | Presentation to the Beesley Lectures, London | Link 

Rebecca Willis
Environmental Audit Committee Inquiry into Net Zero Government 
October 2019 | Submission to the Environmental Audit Committee | Link 

Bridget Woodman and Oscar Fitch-Roy
Auctions for the support of renewable energy in the UK
October 2019 | AURES report | Link 

Matthew Lockwood, Catherine Mitchell and Richard Hoggett
Unpacking 'regime resistance' in low-carbon transitions: The case of the British Capacity Market 
September 2019 | Energy Research and Social Science | Link

Catherine Mitchell, Richard Hoggett and Rebecca Willis 
Submission to BEIS/Ofgem consultation on Flexible and Responsive Energy Retail Markets 
September 2019 | Submission to BEIS/Ofgem | Link

Catherine Mitchell, Rebecca Willis and Richard Hoggett
Submission to BEIS/Ofgem consultation on Reforming the Energy Industry Codes 
September 2019 | Submission to BEIS/Ofgem | Link 

Calum Harvey-Scholes
Climate Emergency Declarations Accelerating Decarbonisation? 
September 2019 | IGov New Thinking | Link 

Catherine Mitchell
Whole Energy System Coordination for a Net Zero Future 
September 2019 | Presentation to the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Berlin | Link 

IGov Team
Shortcut to Key IGov Findings
August 2019 | IGov Shortcut | Link

IGov Team
Getting energy governance right: Lessons from IGov

August 2019 | IGov Blog | Link

Richard Lowes
A heat and buildings decarbonisation policy framework for a zero carbon UK
August 2019 | EPG Blog | Link

Jessica Britton
Smart meter data and equitable energy transitions – can cities play a role?
October 2017 | Local Environment | Link

Thomas Pownall
Market Design Issues for a smart, flexible, sustainable and secure energy system
July 2019 | IGov Blog Series 

Blog 1: Setting the scene
Blog 2: The ‘rules of the game’ and why they no longer work
Blog 3: The institutional glue to link markets and networks
Blog 4: Proposed design
Blog 5: Summary of blog series 

Rachel Bray
World's Apart
July 2019 | EPG Blog | Link

Catherine Mitchell, Rebecca Willis, Richard Hoggett, Thomas Pownall, Richard Lowes and Jessica Britton
New Thinking: The IGov institutional framework for energy governance
July 2019 | IGov New Thinking | Link

Jessica Britton
New thinking: Governance for local energy transformation 
July 2019 | IGov New Thinking | Link

Rebecca Willis
The stark truth about UK government climate action: there is no one in charge

July 2019 |The conversation | Link

Catherine Mitchell
Decentralising Energy and Communities

June 2019 | Presentation to Community Energy in a Climate Emergency, London | Link

Callum Harvey-Scholes
Universities have alerted us to the scale of the climate crisis – now they must lead in showing society how to solve it

June 2019 | The Conversation | Link

Oscar Fitch-Roy
Just another lobbyist? Long-term UK influence in EU Energy and Climate policy
June 2019 | Presentation to BEIS, London

Emily Judson
Governing Digital Energy
June 2019 | Presentation to PGR Summer Conference, Lancaster University | Slides

Matthew Lockwood
The significance of Parliament's Citizen Assembly on net zero
June 2019 | IGov Viewpoint | Link

Ioanna Ketsopoulou, Peter Taylor, Jim Watson, Mark Winskel, Michael Kattirtzi, Richard Lowes, Bridget Woodman, Helen Poulter, Christian Brand, Gavin Killip, Jillian Anable, Alice Owen, Richard Hanna, Rob Gross and Matthew Lockwood
Disrupting the UK energy system: causes, impacts and policy implications 
June 2019 | UKERC Research Project | Link

Richard Lowes, Lesley Rudd, Stuart Fegan and Unnada Chewpreecha 
Hot Jobs Workshop Note
May 2019 | Various presentations at 10:10, UKERC | Summary Notes
Richard Lowes Slides
Lesley Rudd Slides 
Stuart Fegan Slides
Unnada Chewpreecha Slides

Julie Smith, Jess Britton and Basia Cieszewska 
Power Shift: How to build a gender balance in the Energy Research Portfolio
June 2019 | UKERC Whole Systems Networking Project Report | Link

Lena Kitzing, Vasilios Anatolitis, Oscar Fitch-Roy, Corinna Klessmann, Jan Kreiss, Pablo del Rio, Fabian Wigand and Bridget Woodman
Auctions for Renewable Energy Support: Lessons learned in the AURES Project 
June 2019 | IAEE Energy Forum | PDF

Richard Lowes, Bridget Woodman and Oscar Fitch-Roy
Policy change, power and the development of Great Britain's Renewable Heat Incentive 
May 2019 | Energy Policy | Link

Rebecca Willis and Catherine Mitchell
We have a plan - good governance to achieve a net-zero target
May 2019 | IGov New Thinking | Link

Rachel Bray, Thomas Pownall, Catherine Mitchell and Bridget Woodman
Submission to ENA Future Worlds: Impact Assessment Consultation
May 2019 | Submission to ENA | PDF

Catherine Mitchell
Where is IGov on net zero? 
May 2019 | IGov New Thinking | Link

Rebecca Willis, Catherine Mitchell, Richard Hoggett, Jessica Britton and Helen Poulter
Enabling the transformation of the energy system
April 2019 | IGov briefing | Link 

Richard Lowes
Beyond Peak Heat
April 2019 | EPG Blog | Link

Jess Britton and Caroline Kuzemko
Local government sustainable energy capacities: Scale, context and materiality
April 2019 | Presentation to UKERC Annual Conference: Local Energy Systems in National and International Contexts | Slides

Richard Lowes, Bridget Woodman and Oscar Fitch-Roy
Policy change, power and the development of Great Britain's Renewable Heat Incentive
April 2019 | Energy Policy | Link

Richard Lowes
Whole Energy Systems and Net Zero for Kernow
April 2019 | Presentation to Cornwall Council | Slides

Emily Judson
AI in energy: is it as smart as you think? Part Three
April 2019 | EPG Blog | Link 

Oscar Fitch-Roy, David Benson and Bridget Woodman 
Policy Instrument Supply and Demand: How the Renewable Electricity Auction took over the World 
March 2019 | Journal of Politics and Governance | Link

Emily Judson
AI in energy: is it as smart as you think? 
March 2019 | EPG Blog | Link

Richard Lowes
Decarbonising heat - 10 policy steps to drive a low carbon heat market 
March 2019 | EPG Blog | Link

Emily Judson 
Governing Digital Energy: Fair, Secure and Sustainable
March 2019 | Presentation at KernowCon PGR Conference, Penryn | Slides 

Catherine Mitchell, Rebecca Willis, Richard Hoggett, Richard Lowes, Rachel Bray, Helen Poulter and Jess Britton
Submission to Ofgem RIIO-2 sector specific methodology consultation
March 2019 | Ofgem Consultation | Link

Iain Soutar
Challenges and opportunities in our local energy system.
February 2019 | Presentation for Show the Love for Cornwall, Truro | Link

Iain Soutar
Emergence and control in UK energy system democratisation

February 2019 | In Search of Good Energy Policy Seminar Series, University of Cambridge | Link

Iain Soutar
Challenges and opportunities in out local energy system
February 2019 | Presentation at Show the Love for Cornwall, Truro | Link

Catherine Mitchell, Richard Hoggett, Becky Willis and Jess Britton
Submission to Ofgem Targeted Charging Review: minded to decision and draft impact assessment
February 2019 | Ofgem consultation | Link

New York State REV

February 2019 | Primer | Link

Fit for purpose GB energy governance framework

February 2019 | Primer | Link

Distribution Service Providers and valuing Distributed Energy Resources

February 2019 | Primer | Link  

Energy System Change in Eastern Australia

February 2019 | Primer | Link

Catherine Mitchell
GB Conservatism – we are in the vicious policy cycle phase
February 2019 | New Thinking Blog | Link

Rebecca Willis
Simplifying energy governance to help the UK’s path to zero-carbon
February 2019 | New Thinking Blog | Link

Catherine Mitchell
Energy code review workshop

February 2019 | Presentation for BEIS/Ofgem, London | Link

Rachel Bray and Bridget Woodman 
Cornwall LEM Seminar 
February 2019 | Presentation at Cornwall Local Energy Market event | Slides

Energy Industry Codes and Licenses
January 2019 | Primer | Link

Jess Britton, Jeffery Hardy, Catherine Mitchell and Richard Hoggett
Changing actor dynamics and emerging propositions in the UK electricity retail market
January 2019 | IGov Report | Link

Thomas Pownall
Electricity market design for a sustainable, secure and efficient electricity system in the UK
January 2019 | Presentation to Energy Systems Catapult, Birmingham | Slides

Rachel Bray and Bridget Woodman 
Barriers to Independent Aggregators in Europe
January 2019 | Working paper | PDF

Emily Judson
Conceptualising the emerging digital energy landscape
January 2019 | EPG Blog | Link

Oscar Fitch-Roy, Jenny Fairbrass and David Benson
Ideas, coalitions and compromise: reinterpreting EU-ETS lobbying through discursive institutionalism

January 2019 | Journal of European Public Policy | Link

Lena Kitzing, Oscar Fitch-Roy, Marco Islam and Catherine Mitchell
An evolving risk perspective for policy instrument choice in sustainability transitions
2019 | Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions | Link 

Jess Britton
The changing role of cities and local energy – does energy system governance need to catch up?
November 2018 | IGov Blog | Link

Helen Poulter
Fuel poverty indicator letting down poorer households

November 2018 | IGov Blog | Link

Iain Soutar
We need to talk about (deep) energy democracy
November 2018 | EPG Blog | Link

Catherine Mitchell and Thomas Pownall
Consumer participation and market design issues 
November 2018 | Presentation to OIES, Oxford | Link 

Catherine Mitchell
IGov roundtable on Local Governance

November 2018 | Presentation to Energy Systems Catapult, Birmingham | Link

Jess Britton
Local Energy Governance

November 2018 | Presentation to Energy Systems Catapult, Birmingham | Link

Catherine Mitchell
Blog 2 of Name, Form and Function of Distribution Entities 
October 2018 | IGov Blog | Link

Catherine Mitchell 
Blog 1 of Name, Form and Function of Distribution Entities 
October 2018 | IGov Blog | Link  

Catherine Mitchell 
Issues for GB Energy Policy and the IPCC
October 2018 | Presentation to DTI Energy Engineering, Denmark | Link

Matthew Lockwood
The people's energy networks? Labour's new ownership proposal 
September 2018 | IGov Blog | Link 

Rachel Bray and Bridget Woodman
Unlocking Local Energy Markets - Parallel session paper
September 2018 | BIEE Conference, Oxford | PDF

Jess Britton, Richard Hoggett, Catherine Mitchell and Matthew Lockwood
Governing for a decentralised and decarbonised energy system
September 2018 | IPPR | Link 

Oscar Fitch-Roy, Jenny Fairbrass, David Benson
Exploring the role of policy entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in 'strange bedfellow coalitions': reinterpreting EU-ETS reform through discursive institutionalism 
September 2018 | Presentation to UACES, Bath | Slides 

Catherine Mitchell
Energy Transformation in a Divided World - Keynote Presentation 
September 2018 | 4th Energy and Society Conference, Exeter | Link

James Suckling, Claire Hoolohan and Iain Soutar 
The importance of studying innovation in complex systems: A case study of anaerobic digestion in the UK
August 2018 | Geographical Directions Blog | Link

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The development of the Capacity Market for electricity in Great Britain