Energy Policy Group

EU-UK Energy Security: Perceptions and Realities

On Tuesday 20th September the Energy Security in a Multipolar World (ESMW) Research Cluster held a meeting at Chatham House, London focusing on how energy security perceptions and policy approaches adopted in the UK differ from those in the EU. The workshop brought together around 25 delegates from universities, research institutes, and industry from the UK and throughout Europe to explore these issues. The meeting was also attended by members of DECC, Ofgem, NATO, and the European Commission.

EU Member States face considerable challenges in meeting stringent decarbonisation objectives whilst maintaining security of supply and within the framework of a liberalised market. The purpose of the Energy Security in a Multipolar World (ESMW) research cluster is to consider these ‘traditional’ energy policy drivers alongside new perspectives on energy security from the disciplines of international relations, security and supply chain studies within the context of shifting global economic and political powers. The aim of the cluster is to both develop an understanding of the threats to Britain’s energy security, and to propose practical policy recommendations for addressing these issues.

While the principal focus of the cluster is Britain’s energy security, the role of the EU in addressing energy security is of fundamental importance. This workshop is an opportunity to both explore in greater depth how the issues under discussion within the ESMW cluster might be affected by developments in the EU, and to discuss with non-UK colleagues concerns regarding energy and energy security in Britain.

Presentations and a meeting report will appear on the ESMW web pages (