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Stepping Up

Current food, energy and water systems of provision are locked-in to unsustainable and insecure models characterised by centralised power structures. Moreover, change occurring within each system has the potential to negatively impact upon other systems of provision.

In the context of a world responding to climate-change related impacts and policies, Stepping Up seeks to develop a better understanding of the water, energy and food (WEF) nexus, and explores the potential, impacts, and implications of scaling-up niche innovations therein.


Stepping up is collaboration between researchers at eight universities and research institutes across the UK:

  • Prof Alice Bows-Larkin (PI, University of Manchester)
  • Dr Angela Druckman (University of Surrey)
  • Dr Ruth Falconer (Abertay University)
  • Dr Daniel Gilmour (Abertay University)
  • Dr Ralph Ledbetter (HR Wallingford)
  • Mr Darren Lumbroso (HR Wallingford)
  • Prof Catherine Mitchell (University of Exeter)
  • Prof Marion Scott (University of Glasgow)
  • Dr Iain Soutar (University of Exeter)
  • Dr James Suckling (University of Surrey)
  • Dr Liz Varga (Cranfield University)
  • Dr Dapeng Yu (University of Loughborough)

Grants and funding

Stepping up is a three year project funded by the EPSRC, commencing in October 2015.

Project website

More details and updates on the project can be found on the project website and twitter feed.