Professor Neil Adger and Professor Katrina Brown have led a study that has discovered that cultural factors are key to making climate change real to people and to motivating their responses.

Europe’s largest photovoltaic solar plant, Jumilla, Murcia

Professor Catherine Mitchell along with SSE, Consumer Focus and WWF, and representatives from 20 other organisations have concluded that the Government’s draft Energy Bill and existing energy efficiency policies would in their current state, fail to deliver a secure, clean and affordable power sector for the UK.

Environment and Sustainability

Recent funding

Stewart Barr and Ewan Woodley have been awarded an ESRC grant of £25,809 to examine ‘Re-configuring Local Governance for Community Resilience: social learning for flood adaptation under a changing climate’. This project aims to provide a more effective way for communities to become resilient in the face of changing risks associated with anthropogenic climate change. It will focus on the issue of flooding in a rural Devon community as a way of exploring the potential for using 'co-learning' between community members, academic researchers and local agencies to understand the flood risks associated with current climatic conditions and how those risks and associated vulnerabilities are shifting as a result of climate change. In so doing, the project will work towards a community flood resilience plan that will seek to represent the different types of knowledge demonstrated by the different constituencies.

Neil Adger and Helen Adams  - 2014-2016, £100,000, Capacity Building Fellowship for Dr Md Nadiruzzaman at Exeter in conjunction with their ESPA Deltas project on ecosystem services and well-being in Bangladesh. Nadir will research Disasters, Everyday life and Ecosystem Services in Bangladesh, using mixed methods and building on his previous research in southern coastal areas affected by cyclones in 2007 and 2009. Nadir will be based in Exeter for two years from 1st July. He is presently an Assistant Professor at the Independent University of Bangladesh and previously obtained his PhD in human geography from Durham.

Catherine Butler (HASS Advanced Fellow), ESRC Urgent Grant award, £200,000, award to study the impact of the winter floods. The team includes Neil Adger, Saffron O'Neill and Louisa Evans as co-Is. The project is 'The 2013/14 Winter Floods and Policy Change: The dynamics of change in the aftermath of major crises' and will study how lay public, interest groups and policy stakeholders derive a solution to flooding following the winter crisis, with empirical work in Somerset. The research design uses multiple methods, including quantitative household repeat surveys of 500 flooded and unflooded households and qualitative visual methods over the incoming year.

Brendan Godley, Matthew Witt, Kirsten Abernethy and Janet Fisher. Defra Darwin Initiative Grant to help create a marine protected areas in Central Africa.

Neil Adger - 2010-2013, EU FP7 (with Autonomous University of Barcelona), Climate Change, Hydro-Conflicts and Human Security (CLICO)

Neil Adger - 2012 -2016, NERC/ESRC/DFID Ecosystem Services and Poverty Alleviation programme (with Universities of Southampton, Oxford, Dundee; Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology and Plymouth Marine Laboratory), Assessing Health, Livelihoods, Ecosystem Services And Poverty Alleviation In Populous Deltas

Neil Adger - 2012-2016, NERC/ESRC Resilience and Natural Hazards Programme. (led by University of East Anglia), Strengthening Resilience in Volcanic Areas

Stewart Barr - 2012, Coca Cola Enterprises, Unpacking the Household: understanding the dynamics of domestic recycling

Patrick Devine-Wright, 2011-2014, Norwegian Research Council, Sustainable Grid Development - SusGrid.

Patrick Devine-Wright, 2010-2012, EPSRC/EDF Energy Programme (People, Energy and Buildings), Conditioning Demand - Older People, Diversity and Thermal Experience.

Stewart Barr - 2008-2009, ESRC, Promoting Sustainable Travel - A Social Marketing Approach

Karen Bickerstaff - 2009-2011, RCUK Energy Programme, InCluESEV (Interdisciplinary Cluster on Energy Systems Equity and Vulnerability)

Kate Brown - 2009-2012,  ESRC Professorial FellowshipResilient Development in Social Ecological Systems

Catherine Mitchell - 2012-2016, EPSRC Established Career Fellowship, IGov: Innovation, Governance and Affordability for a Sustainable and Secure Economy

Catherine Mitchell - 2009-2013, ESRC/EPSRC interdisciplinary research cluster, Energy Security in a Multi-Polar World

Saffron O'Neil - 2012-2015, £214,811, an ESRC Future Research Leader award, titled ‘Visualising climate change’

Clive Sabel - 2011-2014, €3.5 million, EU FP7, Urban Reduction of GHG Emissions in China and Europe (URGENCHE)

Bouke Wiersma, Patrick Devine-Wright - 2010-2012, EPSRC (as part of the Sustainable Urban Environment (SUE) Programme), Challenging Lock-in through Urban Energy Systems (CLUES)