Professor Brenda Boardman

Brenda is a visiting professor at the University of Exeter and teaches a number of lectures on the Managing Energy Demand module. Brenda is also an Emeritus Fellow at the Environmental Change Institute (ECI), University of Oxford, following her retirement in September 2008. Brenda was the former head of the Lower Carbon Futures team at the ECI and a co-director of the UK Energy Research Centre. Her main research focus is on how to achieve demand reduction in energy across the UK economy, but in particular the built environment. She considers the behavioural, technical, economic and political issues of significantly cutting carbon emissions.

Brenda's work concentrates on energy efficiency and the way that energy is used in British homes, particularly by low-income households, ie, fuel poverty. She considers the economic, social and technical aspects of the subject and her work has a strong policy emphasis. She has been a member of the DTI's Energy Advisory Panel and is widely viewed as one of the most experienced in her field. She was awarded an MBE in 1998 for her work on energy issues.

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