Ian Smith BSc FRSA

Ian is the director of his own business – is Consultancy, www.isconsultancy.co.ukis is newly established and provides advice, support, facilitation and project management services. After successful careers in the private, public and most notably the voluntary sector, Ian brings his wealth of experience to help the sectors understand each other and work together. Ian is particularly interested in social enterprise; that is in helping social organisations to become more enterprising, and businesses to support society.

From 1997 to 2012 as Managing Director of the charity Community Energy Plus, Ian set up the organisation, developing it from an initial two year project with two staff into a highly successful and award winning energy agency, employing up to 38 staff with an annual turnover in excess of £3 million. In 2005 Community Energy Plus became the first ever UK winners of the Ashden Awards for Sustainable Development. In 2010 Ian was invited to become a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in recognition of his work on social enterprise. In 2013 Ian became an honorary fellow of the University of Exeter.

During his time at Community Energy Plus, Ian developed a particular interest and expertise in promoting community based regeneration through energy efficiency improvements such as loft and wall insulation. From this work Ian developed a wider understanding of how health and wellbeing can be improved, not just for an individual or family, but for estates and communities, provided that residents can be supported to become active participants, and not just passive recipients of schemes that aim to improve the quality of their housing and their local environment. During his stewardship of Community Energy Plus the organisation achieved life time carbon saving in the region of 1 million tonnes, but more importantly it helped improve the lives of thousands of Cornish residents by transforming cold and damp houses into warm and dry homes.

Ian was a member of the Environmental and Sustainability Institute Stakeholders Group, which provided over-view and scrutiny for the University of Exeter in the development of the funding bid for the ESI, and its early stage development.  Ian was unable at the time to persuade the university to include housing and energy efficiency as one of its core specialities, but he hasn’t given up trying!

Ian lives with his partner in Penzance. In his spare time he is reading early history, which combined with a writing style based on “Saxon English” may eventually result in a revisionist novel of early British history.