Landscape and ecosystem dynamics

The Landscape and Ecosystem Dynamics group builds on the University of Exeter’s established strengths in water, sediment and nutrient cycling, with new expertise in ecosystem functioning, carbon dynamics and climate change modelling.

In recent years the group have undertaken: pioneering research in upland landscape restoration to help create landscapes more resilient to land use and climate change; made major advances in quantifying Amazonian forest productivity and change, and specifically demonstrated the impacts of fire events in the region; lead on major projects examining soil carbon dynamics in a range of terrestrial environments, from the role of erosion in agricultural systems to the biogeochemical consequences of permafrost thaw at high latitudes; and undertaken major studies of large river and floodplain systems globally to develop new physics-based models that simulate river channel morphodynamics.

Key themes

Key research themes include:

  1. Upland landscape restoration
  2. Tropical forest productivity and change
  3. Soil carbon dynamics
  4. Large river dynamics