Landscape and ecosystem dynamics


Research group leader

Academic staff

Current Research Fellows

  • Cristian Estop Aragones ‘CYCLOPS: Carbon Cycling Linkages of Permafrost Systems’ March 2013 – July 2015
  • Pia Benaud (Research Technician) Mires-on-the-Moors project
  • Emilie Grand-Clement NERC/SWW Knowledge Transfer Partnership – ‘Understanding the effects of moorland restoration on hydrology, water quality and biodiversity’
  • Kristiina Karhu ‘Thermal acclimation of soil microbial respiration: consequences for global warming-induced carbon losses?’ October 2010-December 2013
  • Alan Puttock (Research Technician) Culm grasslands project
  • Steven Sandbach: ‘Morphodynamics and sedimentology and the tidally influenced fluvial zone’.
  • Arved Schwendel: ‘Do floods matter: Bridging the gap between fluvial morphodynamics and alluvial architecture’.

Current PhD students

  • Ancuta Asandei ‘Global Warming: Impacts on soil temperatures and carbon mineralization rates’ 3rd year
  • Mike Bell NERC algorithm studentship. ‘Are the south west UK's uplands beyond the critical climatic threshold for carbon sequestration?’
  • Simon Buckley - 'Vegetation and above ground carbon dynamics on the Rio Beni floodplain’, (Universidade de Exeter / CLES) – Funding NERC / CLES
  • Andrew Cunliffe NERC algorithm studentship. ‘Impacts of fluvial land degradation on the spatial dynamics of soil organic carbon’.
  • Adebayo Eludoyin Funded by the Nigerian Government. ‘Modelling patterns of hysteresis at the farm-scale’. 
  • Richard Falk, CEH Wallingford, ‘Modelling the impact of ozone on forest ecosystems’
  • Imogen Fletcher – ‘Modelling fires in Amazonia’ – Funding CCSF
  • Naomi Gatis University bursary with South West Water. ‘Determining the Potential of Peatland Restoration for Carbon Sequestration and Climate Change Mitigation’ 2nd Year
  • Miriam Glendell University bursary with the National Trust. A PhD study to determine the effectiveness of the ecosystem management approach to deliver water quality improvements on the Holnicote Estate. 
  • Andrew Hartley, part-time, Met Office, ‘Impacts of climate change on biodiversity’.
  • Lan Hoang EPSRC studentship. ‘Developing a regional model (RWSM) that simulates regional water resources system behaviour and failure modes under ensembles of climate change and demand projections’.
  • Felix Ike – ‘Quantification of the Response of Vegetation to Variations in Climate and Land Use in Nigeria and Western Cameroon Using Remote Sensing’ – Funding Nigerian Government
  • Victoria Janes: ‘The influence of climate and land-use change on sediment mobilisation and storage within UK catchments’.
  • Brett Korteling Funded by UoE Science Strategy. ‘Using Info-Gap Decision Theory for Water Resources Management under Severe Uncertainty’
  • Gabriele Lamparter: ‘Fine sediment dynamics in gravel-bed rivers’.
  • David Luscombe University bursary with South West Water. ‘Understanding the impacts of mire restoration on water quality’.
  • Felix Leung, Case partner Met Office, ‘Impact of tropospheric ozone on crop production under future climate and atmospheric CO2 concentrations, and their interactions within the Earth System’.
  • Guillermo Murray-Tortarolo, ‘Regional trends in terrestrial biogeochemistry’.
  • Sabine Peukert NERC CASE PhD project. ‘Impacts of farm-scale ecosystem management on water quality in intensively managed grasslands’. 
  • Alan Puttock University bursary with North Wyke Research. ‘Developing an understanding of vegetation change and carbon budgets in semi-arid environments’.
  • Nicole Sanderson ‘Palaeohydrology and Carbon Dynamics for the last Millennium in Peatlands on the North Shore of the St-Lawrence, Quebec, Canada’ 2nd Year
  • Mariappan Sankar, 1st year 
  • Lauren Smith – ‘Climate Change and Health in Amazonia’ – Funding ESRC / NERC
  • Charlotte Teague Cefas (MRes), ‘Understanding the response of shellfish to pathogen-rich, diffuse and point-source pollution in Scottish shellfisheries’.


  • Luis Lopez Sangil
  • Prof Nadine Unger (May – July 2013)