Natures, Materialities and Biopolitics

Nambio research focuses on the geographies and politics of life, through research which is theoretically informed, empirically grounded and developed in collaboration with scientists, policy-makers and publics.

Many contemporary social challenges are intimately linked to the changing geographies and politics of life. Alongside shifting climatological and ecological patterns, emerging understandings of human and animal bodies are changing the relations and organization of life in a more-than-human society. Together, and with colleagues, we are involved in the search for new ways of living with and managing lively encounters, especially in the contexts of biosecurity and anti-microbial resistance, the organisation of biomedical research, animal welfare assessments and practices for health and wellbeing.

Members of the NAMBIO research group are working on a range of projects and with a diversity of partners to understand the complex geographies of contemporary biological life and inform political and policy debate on the governance of living and material systems. We have recently made significant contributions to collaborative research across the areas of biosecurity, food and farming Systems; laboratories, clinics and care practices; and in relation to matters of care and narratives of recovery in domestic abuse. 

We are committed to research which is theoretically informed and empirically situated, often building on collaborative partnerships and ethnographic work with local and expert communities. Our work is interdisciplinary, with intellectual links to geography, gender studies, science and technology studies and anthropology. We demonstrate practical commitments to developing new ways of working with and alongside scientists and policy-makers, including on large data sets, animal welfare assessments, translational research and safeguarding policies.

For more information on NAMBIO research and events please contact Professor Gail Davies.