Additional course information


We offer a 2 year MSc by Res, but students can submit earlier if work is completed. It is very important to bear in mind that since this programme is a two-year programme, the loan company will split the total amount of the loan over two years.


Students on the MSc byRes can transfer to continuation status if they are in a position where formal submission of the thesis within three-six months is demonstrably possible i.e. approximately 90% of the thesis has been already written. The continuation fee is much lower as students on continuation status are expected to make minimal use of University resources. Currently this is £0 for the first 4 months then £200 for each subsequent 4 month period with refunds given on a monthly pro rata basis if a student submits during this time.

Fees for UK/European and international students.

Funding for research and training (RTSG)

The College of Life and Environmental Sciences provides Research & Training Support Grant (RTSG) funds for self-funded students who would not otherwise have access to a consumables budget. For geography students this is £1,000.