From left to right: Dr Karen Bickerstaff, Alastair Mumford, Dr Catherine Butler, Dr Jake Barnes

Project team

Dr Karen Bickerstaff is a Human Geographer with research interests in geographies of risk, energy system transformations and environmental justice. She led a recent research network on energy systems, equity and vulnerability and has co-edited a collection on ‘Energy Justice in a Changing Climate’ (Zed, 2013). View Karen’s full profile here.

Alastair Mumford is the Corporate Energy Manager at Devon County Council (DCC). Alastair joined DCC in March 2016 after working for RegenSW. He has extensive experience in project development and delivery and extensive knowledge of local authority approaches to energy use reduction. View Alastair’s Linkedin profile here.

Dr Catherine Butler is an environmental social scientist with a background in inter-disciplinary collaborations. Her work examines processes of social and political transformation associated with climate change, focusing on two major substantive themes - energy and low carbon transitions, and flooding and climate adaptation. View Catherine’s full profile here.

Dr Jake Barnes is an engaged interdisciplinary researcher. His research combines ideas and approaches from innovation studies with policy and governance studies to investigate how progress towards low carbon energy systems and sustainability transitions more broadly can be achieved. His research interests include the politics and sociology of innovation and change at community through to city-regional scales.