Do floods matter? Bridging the gap between fluvial morphodynamics and alluvial architecture.

This NERC funded project is scheduled to start in late 2010. It involves Andrew Nicholas (PI), Rolf Aalto & Luiz Aragao at the University of Exeter, and Greg Sambrook Smith at the University of Birmingham. The main aim of the project is to provide an improved, physically-based understanding of process controls on floodplain evolution and alluvial architecture. This will be achieved by developing new approaches to modelling the interactions between floodwater hydrodynamics, sediment transport, river migration and avulsion, that can be applied to simulate floodplain construction over historic and Holocene timescales.

The numerical model will be implemented and evaluated using remote sensing, radionuclide and geophysical datasets obtained along the Rio Beni in the Bolivian Amazon. The model will then be used to provide quantitative answers to questions concerning the relationships between flood basin geometry, climatic and tectonic forcing, and preserved floodplain stratigraphy.

A link to the project web site will be added here later in the year.

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