Morphodynamics and sedimentology of the tidally influenced fluvial zone

This NERC funded project is scheduled to start in late 2010. It is led by Phil Ashworth (University of Brighton) and also involves Andrew Nicholas (Exeter), Greg Sambrook Smith (Birmingham), Dan Parsons (Leeds), Jim Best (Illinois), and project partners ExxonMobil and Deltares.

The overarching aim of the project is to develop a quantitative understanding of the morphodynamics and sedimentology of the tidally-influenced fluvial zone (TIFZ). This will be accomplished through a combination of field data collection and numerical modelling to obtain high resolution information quantifying bed morphology, bedform characteristics, bar development, 3D hydraulics, bedload and suspended load transport and alluvial architecture. Andrew’s role in the project will centre on the application and further development of the morphodynamic model Delft3D. The project will focus on the TIFZ of the Columbia River, USA.

A link to the project web site will be added here later in the year.

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