Flood hydraulics and lowland floodplain sedimentation

Andrew has collaborated with Des Walling on a number of past NERC funded projects that have focused on methods of quantifying overbank sedimentation on lowland UK floodplains at both reach and catchment scales.

At the reach scale he has applied both 2D and 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics models to investigate floodwater hydraulics and suspended sediment transport and deposition processes.

Images below show depth-integrated CFD predictions of flow velocity and suspended sediment concentration for a site on the River Culm, Devon, UK.

More recent work has focused on the development of methods for upscaling results from high resolution sedimentation models in order to quantify floodplain sediment fluxes at the catchment scale. Modelled sedimentation rates have been assessed against field estimates derived using fallout radionuclide techniques.

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