Dr Ted Feldpausch
Senior Lecturer


Research interests

Tropical forest ecology;  Land-cover, land-use change; Forest disturbance, degradation, and recovery; Logging; Forest-climate interactions; Drought; Fire; Terrestrial carbon and nutrient cycling; Soil water use

Postdoctoral opportunities

  • Postdoctoral opportunities for individuals from Mexico, Malaysia, China to conduct research at the Univ of Exeter through Newton Advanced Fellowships. And, Newton International Fellowships for non-UK scientists wishing to conduct research at the Univ of Exeter.
  • Environmental Risks and Challenges Postdoctoral Fellowship. Contact me to develop an application related to, e.g., fire, changing climate, and forests (info)
  • NERC Advanced Fellowship

Research grants

2017, 'Historical fire effects on old-growth Amazon forest, soil fertility and carbon storage' Overseas Development Assistance (ODA), NERC, £20k, T. Feldpausch (PI) and L. Aragao (co-I).

2017, 'Effects of El Niño and fire on Colombian forests', Ayudar Colombia and Santander Universities, £1680, T. Feldpausch (PI), L.C.S Carvalho (co-I), E. Alvarez-Dávila (project partner, Colombia)

2016 - 2020, 'Cerrado-Amazonia Transition: ecological and socio-environmental basis for conservation' - Long-Term Ecological Research Network, CNPq-Brazil, £147k, B.S. Marimon (PI), Project partners: B.H. Marimon, O. Phillips, R. Brienen, T.R. Feldpausch

2016 - 2019, "Forest Network (ReFlor): biodiversity, climate change, and biotechnology in the 'Arc of Deforestation', Brazil", Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de Mato Grosso (FAPEMAT), £58k, PI B.H. Marimon,  Rafael Soares de Arruda (co-I), Project partners: B.S. Marimon, O. Phillips, E. Gloor, T.R. Feldpausch

2016 - 2021 'Lightning: An invisible driver of tree mortality in the tropics?' NERC (NE/P001564/1), £800k, Hill, T. (PI); Co-I: T.R. Feldpausch, E. Mitchard, M. Haddad; Project Partners: G. Chuyong, H. Chapman, J. Elworthy, L. Rowland, D. Mitchard

2016 - 2019, 'Do past fires explain current carbon dynamics of "old-growth" Amazonian forests?', NERC (NE/N011570/1), £800k, Feldpausch, T.R. (PI); Co-I:  L. Aragão, C. Belcher, O. Phillips; Project Partners: M. Bird, C. Quesada, K. Macario

2016 - 2017, 'The Weather Maker Live: Research projects piloted and communicated', Eden Project and University of Exeter Research Collaboration Fund, £7500, J. Elworthy (PI), R. Betts (co-I), Project partners: T. Hill, L. Rowland, I. Hartley, L. Mercado, T.R. Feldpausch

2014 - 2016, 'Biomass and fire in degraded forests in Peru and Brazil: Evaluation using airborne LIDAR remote sensing', SilvaCarbon Fund, £133k, Keller, M. (PI); Feldpausch, T.R. (Co-I)

2014 - 2016, 'Phytogeography and paleovegetation of the Amazon/Cerrado transition in Mato Grosso, Brazil', Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de Mato Grosso (FAPEMAT), £6400, Marimon, B.H. (PI); Feldpausch, T.R. (Project Partner) 

2013 - 2016, 'Phytogeographic characterization, species distribution, and woody vegetation determinants in the Cerrado / Amazonia transition', Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), £55,300, Marimon, B.H. (PI); Feldpausch, T.R. (Project Partner)

2013 - 2015, 'Fire, pyrogenic carbon, and Amazonian forest', Brazilian National Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), £137k, Feldpausch, T.R. (PI); Project partners: B.H. Marimon, B. Marimon, C. Quesada, M. Bird, K. Macario

2011 - 2012, 'Assessing the impacts of the 2010 drought at the Amazon forest-savanna zone of tension', NERC (NE/I02982X/1), £65k, Phillips, O. (PI), Feldpausch, T.R. (Co-I), Project partners: J. Lloyd, Y. Malhi, L. Arroyo, B.H. Marimon, B. Marimon

Research networks

  • ForestPlots.net Database
  • Research Program in Biodiversity (Programa de Pesquisa em Biodiversidade, PPBio)
  • Amazon Integrated Carbon Analysis (AMAZONICA)
  • African Tropical Rainforest Observation Network (AfriTRON)
  • Amazon Forest Inventory Network (RAINFOR)
  • SilvaCarbon
  • Amazon Tree Diversity Network (ATDN)
  • Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute - Center for Tropical Forest Science - Forest Global Earth Observatory (CTFS-ForestGEO)


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