Dr Luiz Aragao
Senior Lecturer in Earth Systems Sciences


Undergraduate modules:

  • GEO2309 Physical Geography Practice
  • GEO1207 Earth Systems
  • GEO2226 Biogeography and Ecosystem Functioning

Postgraduate modules:

  • GEOM410 Recent and Contemporary Environmental Change

PhD Students:

  • Lip Khoon - Carbon cycling in Bornean Tropical Forest (Started in 2008). At the Univ. of Oxford
  • Norma Salinas - Impacts of climate change on tropical cloud mountain forests (Started in 2007).At the Univ. of Oxford
  • Fabricio Brito - Modelling carbon dynamics in Amazonia using remote sensing (Started in 2009). At the National Institute for Space Research in Brazil.
  • Anderson  Ruhoff - Modelling Evapotranspiration in Amazonia (Started in 2009). At University of Exeter and Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil).
  • Simon Burkley - Vegetation Dynamics in the Beni River Floodplain in Bolivia (Started 2010). University of Exeter
  • Asu Barnabas Asu - Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Cameroon (Started 2010). University of Exeter.
  • Lauren Smith - Impacts of Extremes events on Health of Amazonian population (Started 2010). University of Exeter.
  • Imogen Fletcher - Modelling Fire Emission in the Amazon basin (Started 2011). University of Exeter.

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