Andrew Telford
Lecturer in Human Geography


I grew up in Newcastle and studied for a BA in Geography (2009-12) at Durham University. Subsequently, I completed an MA in Geography (Research Methods, 2012-3) and a PhD in Geography (2013-17), both in Durham. In September 2017, I took up a post as Lecturer in Human Geography here at Exeter.

Broad research specialisms

I’m a political geographer with broad research interests in environmental justice, climate change politics, and cultural identity. My PhD research focused on the intersections of racial and national identities in climate security discourses, in particular from a US context. The thesis explored three themes. Firstly, the thesis explored processes of racialization in securitized climate-induced migration discourses. Secondly, I explored interconnections between climate change, radicalization and terrorism in US climate security debates. Thirdly, the thesis examined ideas of American nationhood in US climate security, e.g. ‘American exceptionalism’ and a ‘climate-resilient America’.

Moving forward, I’m keen to explore intersections of American nationhood and climate change politics from two different but interrelated angles. The first concerns veteran environmentalisms in an American context. Through this strand, I’m interested in how veterans and veteran organizations engage with environmental issues (for example climate mitigation and energy independence), what environmental action means to veterans, and if it inflects their sense of ‘American-ness’ and national identity.

Finally, I am interested in the role that geopolitical imaginaries of the American ‘nation’ play in climate skeptical and climate denialist discourses. Do ideas of ‘American-ness’ play a part in climate skeptical or climate denialist arguments? How are these ideas contested? Overall, my research interests are underpinned by a political commitment to environmental and social justice.

Office hours (Term 3)

Office hours in term 3 will be held in my office (D439a in Amory). They will be on: 

Mondays (9-10)

Thursdays (11-12)

An exception to this is in week 7 of term 3. Here, office hours will be held from 11-12 on Thursday (14th June), and 3-4pm on Thursday (14th June). The location will remain the same.  




BA Geography (Durham University, 1st Class Honours)

MA in Geography (Durham University, passed with Distinction)

PhD in Geography (Durham University)

Contact details

Tel+44 (0) 1392 3335
AddressAmory Building
University of Exeter
Rennes Drive

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