Dr Alastair Graham
Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography


Postgraduate researchers

  • Damon Davies (PhD student, Edinburgh University; starting October 2013) 'The nature and dynamics of ice stream beds: assessing their role in ice-sheet stability'. Co-supervisor, with Dr. Robert Bingham, Dr. Matteo Spagnolo (University of Aberdeen), and Prof. David Vaughan (BAS).
  • Rowan Dejardin (PhD student, U. of Nottingham/BGS Case - co-supervisor) Influence of the South Westerlies and the El Nio Southern Oscillation climate system on ocean water masses and changes in freshwater flux into the ocean around South Georgia
  • William Dickens (PhD student, Cambridge University/BAS; started October 2012) 'Reconstructing the Glacial History of the South Orkney shelf, NE Antarctic Peninsula'. Lead supervisor, with Dr. James Smith (BAS), and Prof. Julian Dowdeswell (SPRI-Cambridge).
  • Johann Klages (PhD student, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research; started February 2011), 'Late Quaternary West Antarctic Ice Sheet Dynamics', Co-supervisor, with Dr. Gerhard Kuhn (AWI), Dr. Claus-Dieter Hillenbrand and Dr. James Smith (BAS) - now a PDRA at AWI
  • Ove Meisel (MSc student in Marine Geoscience, University of Bremen; spring-autumn 2013) - Co-supervisor - now PhD student at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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