Dr Andrea Butcher
Postdoctoral Research Associate


I am an anthropologist and human geographer with expertise in the social study of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), and participate in a global network of researchers undertaking social science research to address AMR by studying antimicrobials in society As the role environments—particularly aquatic environments—play in the emergence and distribution of AMR is increasingly understood, I turn my attention to how increasing food production, rapid urbanisation, expanding healthcare facilities and poor institutional and material infrastructures for water and sanitation management open new pathways for AMR transmission between humans, non-human animals and the environment. My research apsirations support the goals of a One Health approach.

In 2017, I joined Geography as Postdoctoral Research Associate for the ESRC-funded project Production Without Medicalisation (2017-2019), a multidisciplinary collaboration of academic, industry, and NGO expertise in the UK and Bangladesh working in partnership with Bangladeshi shrimp farmers to investigate the practices and socio-economic drivers for the uses of non-therapeutic antibiotics in aquaculture, and to work together to develop sustainable disease management practices.


PhD (Aberdeen) Religious Studies (Religious Anthropology)
MA (Sussex) Anthropology of Development and Social Transformation
BA (Hons) (Middlesex) Political and International Studies and Third World Development


An anthropologist by training, I joined Exeter in 2013 as an Associate Lecturer in the department of Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology. During that time, I continued to pursue my research examining the encounter between religion, environment, and development policy and intervention in Himalayan regions—drawing inspiration from SPA’s expertise in Science and Technology Studies to consider how a heterogeneity of climate perspectives influences technical interventions, including vernacular and ritual technical interventions.

I am a member of the Life Geographies network, Environment and Sustainability group, and I have also participated in the research Network Rock/Body: Performative Interfaces Between the Body and the Geologic. I am a member of the Royal Anthropological Institute and the Association of Nepal and Himalayan Studies, and am also involved in the EASA Disaster and Crisis Anthropology Network (DICAN). I sit on the Executive Board of the International Association for Ladakh Studies, and I am an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Contact details

AddressAmory Building
University of Exeter
Rennes Drive

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