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 Anne Hand

Anne Hand

Visiting Researcher (CREWW)



I joined the CREWW team in 2017 when I started a part-time self-funded MRes to investigate the effects of peatland restoration on Exmoor on the growth and distribution of Bog asphodel (Narthecium ossifragum) a blanket bog plant known to be toxic to grazing livestock. I had been involved with the vegetation monitoring on the Exmoor restoration sites since 2005 when restoration first started. Since completing the MRes in 2020 I have been using the extensive vegetation monitoring data to look at the influence of peat depth on the re-establishment of Sphagnum species post-restoration, as Exmoor is an area of unusually shallow peat.



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Hand AMS (2020). Does the restoration of shallow marginal peatlands impact on the distribution and abundance of Bog Asphodel?.  Abstract.  Full text.

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