Professor Bruce Webb
Emeritus Professor


Research interests

Bruce’s research interests lie primarily in the field of water quality with a particular focus on the thermal behaviour of stream and river systems, but he also studies sediments, particulate-associated substances and nutrients and general chemistry in rivers. Methodologically, much of Bruce’s work involves detailed field investigations of the physical processes controlling water quality, and long-term monitoring of river systems. He is interested in the impact of climate and land-use change on water quality and in the implications of changing conditions for stream ecology. Topics addressed by this work include long-term changes in the thermal regime of regime of European rivers in relation to past and future climate change and to human impacts through river regulation, forestry practices and heated effluent discharges; energy budgets of streams and rivers; effects of global warming on freshwater fish and invertebrates; present and future fine sediment budgets of river systems; methods for estimating fluvial fluxes of sediments and chemical substances; and evaluation of the role of fine sediment in river nutrient transport.

Bruce is the author and editor of over 140 books, journal articles and research reports.

Currently, Bruce's interests are focussed on the Physical Geography of South-West England.

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