Professor Dan Charman
Pro-Vice-Chancellor & Executive Dean (College of Life Environmental Sciences)


I am an Earth system scientist interested in long-term ecosystem and climate change. Much of my research is on peat-forming wetlands and the ways in which these intriguing ecosystems can be used to understand past and future environmental change. My research projects cross the boundaries between climate change, ecology, and conservation. Current research projects focus on reconstruction of past climate variability in the Antarctic, the contribution of peatlands to the global carbon cycle, carbon dynamics in permafrost, and developing stable isotope techniques for climate reconstruction. Closer to home, I have just completed an English Heritage funded project on sea-level change and past environments on the Isles of Scilly. My past work has followed related themes, and I published a textbook on Peatlands and environmental change and I am a pastPresident of the Quaternary Research Association. I currently co-convene the IGBP-PAGES working group C-PEAT (Carbon in Peat on EArth through Time). I have taught across a range of physical geography topics, with a focus on environmental and climatic change and supervise a number of graduate students on these areas.

I gained these somewhat eclectic research and teaching interests through an undergraduate degree in Agricultural and Environmental Science (Newcastle), a stint at the UK Nature Conservancy Council working on peatland conservation, a PhD in palaeoecology (Southampton) and an NSERC Canada Fellowship in Earth Sciences and Geography (Waterloo). I was Professor of Physical Geography and Associate Dean for Research in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business at the University of Plymouth until moving to Exeter in 2009. I became Dean of the College of Life and Environmental Sciences in 2013 and Pro-Vice-Chancellor in 2015.

Broad research specialisms:

  • Past climate and sea-level change;
  • wetland systems and carbon cycling,
  • testate amoebae as bio-indicators


BSc (Newcastle)
PhD (Southampton)


Contact details

Internal tel5151
Tel+44 (0) 1392 725151
AddressHatherly Building
University of Exeter
Prince of Wales Road

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