Dr Ewan Woodley
Senior Lecturer in Geography


Research interests

Ewan is a member of the Environmental Change and Environment and Sustainability research groups.


Communicating Climate Science

The communication of climate science is a key challenge for academics. I am working with both natural and social scientists to develop effective pedagogies of climate change through both the Climate and Society research group and within my teaching practice.

This research covers a range of important issues, from ways of maximising the impact of climate change research, through to the development of understanding effective knowledge exchange and dissemination pathways. I am interested in enhancing university education through the development of new teaching strategies that avoid saturation approaches to climate change communication, often referred to as ‘green fatigue’. In this way, I seek to develop new pedagogies of climate change through both my research and teaching practice that encourage experiential learning by students and a move beyond Education merely for Climate Change, to a position where tertiary learning is a reflection of, rather than reaction to, the challenges of global environmental change.

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