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 Felix Pym

Felix Pym

Masters by Research Student

 Laver Building 


Laver Building, University of Exeter, North Park Road, Exeter, EX4 4QE, UK


I graduated from the University of Exeter in 2020 with First Class Honours in BSc Physical Geography. During this degree, I developed an interest in palaeocological reconstruction, proxy analyses, and megafauna. This interest led me into researching the Late Pleistocene megafaunal extinction event upon the Panama Isthmus of Central America. Using Sporormiella spores, charcoal, and pollen I looked to determine when this catastrophic loss of keystone species occurred and how the surrounding ecosystem responded.

Working with the Bioresilience, Earth System Sciences, and GSI research groups I am currently looking to extend this field in the underrepresented tropical ecosystems of South America.

My research will by focusing on the Pleistocene megafaunal extinction event in the Eastern cordillera high Andean Forests of Colombia. I will use Sporormiella and other coprophilous (dung) fungal spores to look to determine when the megafaunal species that once roamed here were lost. For this project, I will adopt a multiproxy study using charcoal and pollen records to examine if their extinction led to changes in fire activity, floral community composition and/or vegetative openness and landscape heterogeneity.

Broad Research Specialisms

Megafaunal extinctions, ecosystem change, palaeoecology, microfossils.


BSc Geography, University of Exeter, First Class Honours: 2020


Research interests

Using spores, pollen, and charcoal records to reconstruct environmental changes across the Last Glacial Maximum and into the early Holocene.


Supervision / Group

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