Professor Henry Buller
Head of Geography, Professor of (more-than) Human Geography


Research interests


Over the last 20 years, Henry Buller has held a large number of research awards from a wide variety of funding bodies including the ESRC, the French Environment Ministry, the European Union, the French CNRS and others. He has undertaken research for a number of government departments and agencies and other bodies including MAFF/DEFRA, the Countryside Agency, the National Audit Office, the Forestry Commission, the OECD, the RSPCA and a number of local government bodies in Britain and in France.

Research projects

Funded research undertaken includes the following:


Animal Geographies

PI on commissioned research project entitled ‘Farm Animal Welfare and Agricultural Policy Change‘ (2002) for the RSPCA

Co I of the ‘Welfare Quality’ EU funded integrated research project leading a team investigating the commercialisation, marketing and retailing of animal welfare friendly food products in Europe (2004-2008)

PI: Constructing Quality - an EU funded Welfare Quality sub-research project into on-farm animal welfare assessment procedures within farm assurance schemes in Europe, with Emma Roe of the University of Southampton (2007-2008).

PI: ESRC Award entitled Understanding Human Behaviour through Human/Animal Interaction - part of the Research Council’s Understanding Human Behaviour Programme (2009-2010)

PI: awarded a DEFRA Research Fellowship in Social Science and Farm Animal Welfare, working with the Defra Animal Welfare team (2012/2013)

2013-2014 Co- Investigator with the University of Bristol School of Veterinary Sciences on an Evaluation of the Healthy Livestock Initiative, funded by the SW RDA,

2014-2015 Co-investigator with the University of Bristol School of Veterinary Sciences on a project looking at the the Welfare of Leisure Horses, funded by World Horse Welfare  

2014-2016  Co-investigator with the University of Bristol School of Veterinary Sciences on  an evaluation of the socio-economic aspects of donkey welfare in developing countries funded by the Donkey Sanctuary.

2015 PI on Defra funded project on a study of ‘Current practice in the use of antimicrobials in livestock farming‘ (January to April 2015)

2015-2017  Co-I on EU funded (Horizon 2020) project: ‘Hennovation: Practice-led Innovation in Livestock Farming‘.

Henry Buller is engaged in a number of other research projects and reflections around different aspects of farm and non-farm animal welfare, companion animals, zoos and broader areas of the bio-politics of human/animal relations.



Rural Geography / Rural Development / Agriculture

Co I: ESRC Research Award with Keith Hoggart of King’s College London entitled La Nouvelle Vague: British House Purchases in France (1991-1993, Award R000 23 3138)

French CNRS representative on the Management Committee of the EU COST research initiative on Rural Innovation (1999-2002)

Co I: An assessment of foreign product marketing, labeling and accreditation schemes and their applicability to the UK , for the Countryside Agency (2001),

Co I: Europe‘s Rural Futures (2001-2002), assessing the impact of the EU Rural Development Regulation in selected EU Member States for the UK countryside agencies and WWF Europe,

PI: Research review on Rural Population Change for DEFRA (2003)

PI: ESRC RELU ‘Developing Activities’ award (2005) The construction of interdisciplinary research into the rural economy in France.


Environmental policy

Principal researcher of the coordinating French team for an 18 month EU DGXII SEER Programme research project on the Integration of EU Environmental Policy: the example of water quality management in Europe, (Project PL 910169, 1993-1994)

French team leader for a three-year EU DGVI FAIR Programme research project on The implementation and effectiveness of EU Agri-environmental Policy (Project FAIR CT95 274, 1996-1999),

ESRC Global Environmental Change Research Programme Fellow (1994-1995) investigating The internationalisation of Environmental Policy: a comparative analysis of environmental policy evolution (Award L 320 27 3062).

PI for project Implementation of Natura 2000 policy in Europe (2002), for the Scottish Executive

PI: ESRC/NERC/BBSRC Award entitled ‘Eating Biodiversity: an investigation of the links between quality food production and biodiversity protection‘ under the Research Council’s RELU programme (2005-2007) which included research teams at IGER, the University of Bristol and the University of Gloucestershire.

PI: Ex Post Evaluation of the Countryside Agency’s ‘Eat the View Programme’, Countryside Agency (2007).

Co I: with the French research consultancy AscA, and drawing particularly on the sociology of oganisations and theories of ‘translation’, ‘The integration of biodiversity knowledges and policies into agricultural policy reform in the UK for the French Environment Ministry (2003-2006).

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