Dr Jamie Shutler
Associate Professor in Earth Observation


Postdoctoral researchers

  • Dr Tom Holding (atmosphere-ocean gas fluxes in the Arctic and Atlantic)

Postgraduate researchers

  • Sophie Corrigan (coastal and estuarine atmosphere-water gas fluxes)
  • James Duffy (drones for environmental monitoring)
  • Julia Haywood (turtle migration, breeding and ecology)
  • Jack Stephens (flooding and coastal processes of the Mekong)
  • Wuxin Xiao (water column structure from turbulence measurements)


  • Dr Ian Ashton (atmosphere-ocean gas fluxes)
  • Maddy Davey (water quality in drinking water reservoirs)
  • Dr Wiebke Schmidt (biological and bacterial water quality)
  • Dr Isabel Seguro Requejo (shelf sea primary production and oxygen)
  • David Walker (water quality and health in Lake Navaisha)

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