Dr Jamie Shutler
Associate Professor in Earth Observation


Research interests

My research and projects are focussed on the role that oceans play in controlling and modulating our climate and methods for monitoring water quality in support of aquaculture and food security. This pure and applied research is supported by grants from a range of different funders including the European Space Agency (ESA), the UK Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), The UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), the Crown Estate and the European Union (EU).


Research projects

(2018) ESA Science for Society (SciSoc) for the SKIM EE9 candidate mission (PI)

(2018) EU Marie Curie International Training Network on smart water quality sensors (AQUASENSORS) (Co-I)

(2017) EMFF Assessing & mitigating the future risks of harmful algal blooms (HABs) to wild fisheries and aquaculture (AMHAB) (Co-I)

(2016) EU BONUS Integrated Carbon and Trace Gas Monitoring in the Baltic (INTEGRAL) (Co-I)

(2016) BBSRC/NERC ShellEye-DEMO: Satellite monitoring for shellfish and finfish aquaculture: Domain expanded; Enhanced resolution; Marine insurance; Other species (Co-I)

(2016) EU Readiness of Integrated Carbon Observing System (ICOS) for Necessities of integrated Global Observation (RINGO)

(2016) ESA Scientific Assessment of Satellite Ocean Glitter (SArONG) (Co-I)

(2015) International Space Science Institute (ISSI) Working Group leader on Air-sea gas fluxes (PI)

(2015) BBSRC/NERC ShellEye: Satellite-based water quality bulletins for shellfish farms to support management decisions (Co-I)

(2015) BBSRC/NERC Minimising the risk of harm to aquaculture and human health from advective harmful algal blooms through early warning (Co-I)

(2014) ESA Pathfinders Ocean Acidification (PI) 

(2014) ESA OceanFlux Greenhouse Gases Evolution (PI)

(2014) Crown Estate, Karenia mikimotoi data re-analysis and synthesis (Co-I)

(2013) ESA High Resolution Data Diagnostic System to study Long-Term Archives of satellite Earth Observations, aka Felyx (Co-I)

(2013) ESA GlobCurrent (Co-I)

(2013) NERC/Defra CArbon/Nutrient DYnamics and FLuxes Over Shelf Systems (CANDYFLOSS) (Co-I)

(2013) NERC/Defra Blue Carbon, Data Synthesis and Management of Marine and Coastal Carbon (DSMMCC) (Co-I)

(2013) NERC Radiatively active gases from the North Atlantic Region and Climate Change (RAGNARoCC) (Co-I)

(2013) NERC Greenhouse gases Deliverable D project, Integration (Co-I)


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