Dr Jen Bagelman
Lecturer in Human Geography


I am passionate about working with students as I see education as a powerful catalyst for generative change. I have written on creative pedagogy and, in keeping with a ‘service-led’ teaching model I aim to make coursework relevant to and useful for communities that extend beyond the classroom. In the past my students have created beautiful community maps that have been used by NGOS and urban designers and zines that have informed campus policies to ensure more sustainable food practices.

I warmly welcome the opportunity to work with students interested in the themes outlined on my research page.



  • GEO1309 - Study Skills for Human Geography 
  • GEO2120 Political Geographies
  • GEO2308A Berlin Field trip
  • GEO3141 - Refugee and Asylum Geographies
  • GEO3311/12 - Human Geography Dissertations 
  • GEO2325 - Research Methods for Human Geographers
  • GEO1315A - Research Methods for Geographers (Bristol Fieldtrip component)

    Postgraduate Modules:

  • GEOM132 Space, Politics and Power 

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