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 Joanna Hynes

Joanna Hynes

PhD Student

 Amory C360


Amory Building, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4RJ , UK


Jo Hynes is a PhD candidate at the University of Exeter, exploring the legal geographies of immigration law. Using ethnographies of tribunal hearings and interviews with their key actors, she will examine the impact of space and technology on access to justice in immigration bail hearings across the EU and UK. Before joining the University of Exeter in 2018, Jo worked on building community resilience to tackle loneliness at a London City Farm.

During her geography undergraduate at the University of Oxford (2015), Jo became interested in issues of immigration detention and was involved in student activism around Campsfield Immigration Removal Centre, in particular resisting its proposed expansion. After a year completing a social impact graduate scheme and working for Quakers in Britain on issues of peace and social justice, Jo went back to academia to study for an MSc in Global Migration at University College London (2017). Here she paired her experience of doing long-term ethnographies with her interests in the process of immigration law, to complete a dissertation exploring varying success rates in immigration bail hearings across three UK hearing centres. The key findings of this formed the basis for a Bail Observation Project report, which Jo looks forward to developing in this PhD research.

Jo is also part of the ASYFAIR network, which explores the extent to which fair and consistent asylum appeal adjudication occurs across EU member states.

Broad research specialisms:

My work is situated within the fields of legal geography and socio-legal studies. In particular I am interested in legal and geographical imaginations of space, access to justice and policy/ practice gaps in immigration law.


BA Geography (University of Oxford)
MSc Global Migration (University College London)



Supervision / Group

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