Dr Julie Smith
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

External responsibilities

Conferences and invited presentations

2015    ‘Global, regional and local food supply chains: a comparative assessment of the sustainability performance of wheat-to-bread chains in Italy and the UK’ Agriculture in Urbanizing Society Conference, Rome. 14-17 September.

2013    ‘Traditional markets: fresh perspectives on urban food provisioning.’ Food, the City and Innovation Conference, University of Texas at Austin USA. 1 February

2013    ‘What makes this food co-op a co-operative? –‘We just are’: Findings from a three-year evaluation of food co-ops in England’ Mainstreaming Co-operation Conference, Manchester. 3 July.

2012    ‘The everyday life of food: the traditional food market and the English city’ Food and the City Conference, Boston University, USA. 24 February.

2010    ‘Traditional food markets: re-assessing their role in food provisioning’ AESOP 2nd European Sustainable Food Planning Conference, University of Brighton. 29 October.

2010    ‘Understanding markets’ National Association of British Market Authorities (NABMA) national conference, Buxton. 20 October.

2009    ‘Traditional food markets: the hidden sector?’ Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Annual International Conference, Manchester, August 2009.

2008    ‘The changing place of traditional food retailing: English retail markets’ Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Annual International Conference, London, August 2008.

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