Dr Julie Smith
Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Research interests

I am interested in how food systems operate at multiple scales and layers and require a multidisciplinary, multi-stakeholder approach that pushes the boundaries beyond economic considerations to include political, social and ecological dimensions. This includes the emerging discourse that questions “local” and “global” distinctions in food systems.

My recent research work includes developing models to help support more sustainable food chains, engaging in dialogue and co-learning with stakeholders to produce shared knowledge outcomes, conducting case studies to contribute to an evidence base on the performance of global-local food chains, and developing policy recommendations and a road map to improve sustainability in the food chain. Recent papers propose policy frameworks for more sustainable local-global food chains; discuss the competing policy demands for more sustainable public sector food procurement; and develop a social impact assessment methodology for SMEs in selected food and drink products.

Research projects

2017 SIM4NEXUS – the project aims to address knowledge and technology gaps and to facilitate the design of policies within the water, land, food, energy and climate nexus.  (http://sim4nexus.eu/)

2013-16 GLAMUR – Global and local food chain assessment: a multidimensional performance-based approach  (http://www.glamur.eu/)

2012-14 SENSE - HarmoniSed Environmental Sustainability in the European food and drink chain (http://www.senseproject.eu/)

2011-14 Foodlinks - using knowledge brokerage to link scientists, policymakers and civil society organizations and promote sustainable food consumption and production (http://www.foodlinkscommunity.net/)

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