Katharina Kaesehage
PhD student/Associate Research Fellow


Research interests

I am doing a PhD on "Understanding and Communicating Climate Change in the Maritime Business Sector" funded by the European Social Fund. The project aims to help businesses understand the cultural and physical context of climate change, improve the formulation of government policies and provide individual business responses.

Aims of the project:

  • Help businesses understand the context of climate change
  • Improve the formulation of policies
  • Develop and provide individual business responses
  • Empower businesses to benefit from a competitive advantage

Research Questions:

  1. Political Analysis
    1. How is science on climate change translated into policies?
    2. How are these policies enforced on which levels?
  2. Business Analysis
    1. How do these policies impact/change the competitive context of businesses?
    2. How does science on climate change impact the competitive context of businesses due to a new consumer awareness?
    3. How do businesses respond to this?
  3. Conclusion
    1. How do policies need to look like instead so that businesses can better respond to climate change?
    2. In which ways can businesses better respond to it? What are their options/tools?

Research Approach:

  • Analyse businesses in the marine business sector
  • Focus on the South West of the United Kingdom, particularly Cornwall and other comparable regions
  • Enable cooperation between the public, governments and businesses
  • Bring businesses in the maritime sector together to discuss, practice and develop best practice
  • Evaluate strategic planning and policy options informed by the experience of other similar regions
  • Communicating the nature and impact of climate change to clients, customers, and partners
  • Develop a tool kit for businesses with various design options for each element of a business model

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