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 Kinan Noah

Kinan Noah

Associate Lecturer



Amory Building, University of Exeter, Rennes Drive, Exeter, EX4 4RJ , UK

 Office hours:

Term1 - 2023:

Tuesdays: 15:00 – 16:00
Wednesdays: 10:00 – 11:00
Office hours, remotely or in-person, must be booked in advance. Please e-mail me to arrange a time slot.


I am an Associate Lecturer in Human Geography, where my research and teaching sit at the intersection of Human Geography, Migration Studies, and Sociolinguistics. My specific focus revolves around the profound complexities of identity, place, and migration—especially forced migration and sense of self.

Rooted in an interdisciplinary approach, my scholarship investigates the intricate narratives of forced migrants, delving deeply into the ways in which migration shapes the sense of self and identity navigation. My work specifically examines refugees’ identity constructions, illuminated through their autobiographical narratives. I aim to discern the prevalent themes and aspects of identity that emerge from these stories, revealing the spatiotemporal agentive features that play a vital role in the manifestation of “narrative identity.”

My background in sociolinguistics, complemented by qualitative narrative analysis, affords me a distinct perspective on the intricate narratives of migrants. This vantage point allows me to decode the layered stories that migrants craft, encompassing their histories, aspirations, and conceptions of place and belonging. In my research, I endeavor to seamlessly intertwine theoretical insights with the lived experiences of migrants, aiming to shed light on the multifaceted intersections of identity, place, and migration.

Broad research specialisms:  

  • Forced Migration Studies 
  • Identity representations
  • Sense of self
  • Autobiography
  • Narrative identity 
  • Narrative analysis



Space, Politics and Society


Forthcoming Publications

“Between Shattered Homes and Hopeful Hearts: Unveiling the Power of ‘Home’ in the Personal Narratives of Syrian Refugees.” In Cultures of Crises: Refugees in 21st Century Arts, edited by Katie Brown and Peter Sloane. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press.



Undergraduate modules:

GEO3311, GEO3312 BA Dissertation

GEO2466 Research Methodologies in Action

GEO1309 Study Skills for Human Geographers

GEO2136 Geographies of Migration


Postgraduate modules:

GEOM132 Space, Politics and Power

Supervision / Group

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