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 Lena  Kitzing

Lena Kitzing

PhD student


After graduating as Dipl.-Wi-Ing. (comparable M.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management) in ‘Energy and Environmental Management’ from the University of Flensburg in 2006, Lena worked in the energy business for more than 4 years, latest as Manager in Corporate Finance at DONG Energy. In April 2011, she started with her PhD studies, which are integrated part of a research project undertaken in cooperation between a.o. Risø DTU National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy and the University of Exeter. Lena will be located partly at Risø in Roskilde (Denmark) and partly at the University of Exeter (UK).

Lena’s research interests evolve mainly around energy policy instruments in an EU context with focus on renewable energy, regulatory framework and risk – Here, she sees the investor’s perspective as a crucial element in the analysis.

The PhD studies are supported by the Danish Council for Strategic Research under the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, as they are part of the 4-year long research project ‘Energy systems modelling, research and analysis’ (ENSYMORA, involving ca. 20 scientists from several different international institutions.


Risk implications of renewable support instruments: Comparative analysis of feed-in tariffs and premiums using a mean-variance approach. Energy Volume 64, 1 January 2014, Pages 495–505 (

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Joint support schemes for renewable generation and barriers for implementation.  Klinge Jacobsen, Henrik; Hansen, Lise-Lotte Pade; Schröder, Sascha Thorsten; Kitzing, Lena. Market instruments and sustainable economy. Instituto de Estudios Fiscales (IEF), 2012. p. 13-28 (Estudios Jurídicos).



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