Dr Lina Mercado
Associate Professor


Postdoctoral researchers

  • Kelly Andersen Advice with Iain Hartley under AFEX project
  • Felix Leung Performing simulations with JULES CN for the Manaus K34 flux site for Amazon Face model intercomparison
  • Florent Malavelle Advice with Jim Haywood under SAMBBA project
  • Becky Oliver is a Land surface modeller at CEH Wallingford. Work includes using observations to improve physiological processes in JULES. Current focus of her work is on improving temperature responses of gas exchange on different ecosystems.

Postgraduate researchers

  • Alice Barratt Co-Supervised by Sandy Harrison at Reading University
  • David Bartholomew Co-Supervision with Lucy Rowland as lead supervisor
  • Laynara Figueiredo Lugli Co-Supervision with Iain Hartley as lead supervisor
  • Freya Newman Undergraduate Student -Internship and dissertation project on Temperature independent nocturnal variabilityof foliar respiration
  • Chao Wu Co- supervision and Stephen Sitch as lead supervisor in Exeter. Partnership with University of Tsinghua, China with Sergey Venevsky.


  • Alice Barratt 2014 MRes Dissertation title : 'A biome wide investigation into the response of photosynthesis and its subcomponents to temperature'
  • Felix Ike 2016 PhD Co-supervision with Luiz Aragao PhD thesis ' Evaluation of the impact of climate and human induced changes on the Nigerian forest using remote sensing'
  • Chris Jones 2017 Phd Co-Supervision with Stephen Sitch Phd thesis 'Quantitative Carbon cycle modelling to inform Climate Mitigation Policy'

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